Accounting and Tax

A successful business is one where the owner can keep track of the money to show a profit. We know that understanding and managing finances can sometimes be exceedingly difficult. Let Us Assist You.


SAITA Benefits is proud to offer our members a range of Benefits which can be tailored to the individual needs. Each Membership package starts with access to Family Funeral cover and from there you can add any of our benefits at a affordable rate.


A campaign to showcase South Africa’s Informal, Small and Micro Sector, as well as to promote and highlight the role that SMMEs play in economic development of our country and the African continent.


The South African Informal Traders Alliance CARES about the well-being of its Members, their Families, their Businesses and the Communities that they Contribute Towards.


No event is too big or too small for the team at SAITA events. A full-service event management business, offering the finest quality service nationwide.


A division to assist early-stage businesses and start-ups to access resources and support to grow. SAITA acknowledges that a huge frustration for many traders is access to funding.


SAITA Media is the communications and content marketing solution to the sector and its stakeholders. We bring the information and stories which really matter.

Youth Connect

Now, more than ever before the saying ‘the future is in the hands of the youth’ is true. However, the youth can only control the future if they are equipped to do so.