Consolidation: There is strength in numbers and through aligning with SAITA, members effectively become part of a cohesive and organized structure.                    

Cohesion:  As part of SAITA the chances of success in any disputes, with local authorities is greatly enhanced by the joined contribution of fellow traders who may have much to offer in terms of experience, understanding, knowledge and approach.

ProtectionWithin the organization members are assured of the protection of their right as legitimate businesspeople. SAITA will cement partnerships with Municipalities and assure members that dialogue becomes the tool of contact between traders on the one hand, and the Municipalities on the other.

Voice of the Voiceless: Members need no longer be alone and ineffective. As part of a nationally representative organization, the sector’s voice and opinions will be heard and forwarded at, and to, all levels of authority and government.

Representation: Membership to SAITA guarantees provincial and national representation and as such sector interests are placed at the forefront of our agendas.

Benefits: These are multi fold and truly without limits. Our linkages with progressive organizations as well as established partnership ensure that we are taken seriously. Exposure via provincial structure by far increases your profile than being a stand-alone entity.

Solidarity: Within protective realm of SAITA members will get sense of brotherhood and camaraderie, knowing that all interests are intertwined with our fellow brothers and sisters within the organization.

Partnerships: SAITA prides itself on its partnerships with progressive and forward-thinking organizations like StreetNet International and WIEGO (Women informal employment globalization and organizing). SAITA forms part of StreetNet International.

Opportunity: Access to information on opportunities through tenders, access to finances, etc. is an undeniable fact when you are part of a strong provincial trader body with links to national and international forums.